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Organic Garlic Pills, Allium Sativum Supplements ( 180 capsules ) SK1002
Organic Garlic Pills, Allium Sativum Supplements ( 180 capsules ) SK1002
Organic Garlic Pills, Allium Sativum Supplements ( 180 capsules ) SK1002
Garlic Pills

Organic Garlic Pills, Allium Sativum Supplements ( 180 capsules ) SK1002

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Product Description :

Garlic capsules (Allium Sativum) are popular as they provide maximum benefits of Garlic without repelling smell and awful taste.

Garlic is one of the healthiest spices commonly used in the kitchen for culinary purposes. It has many health-promoting properties. The only downside of Garlic is its smell and taste.

When used with gravy or other spices, it enhances aroma and taste but using it alone isn’t easy. Due to the pungent smell and strong taste, many communities do not even use it as a spice in food.

Odorless Garlic Capsules

Odorless Garlic capsules contain Garlic extract with strong health-promoting properties. It provides a way to gain immense health benefits to people who cannot withstand the taste and smell of raw Garlic.

Allium Sativum Supplements for Good Health

Allium Sativum supplements help maintain sound health. These pills help in cardiovascular health, cholesterol control, healthy blood pressure, and higher immunity due to their potent properties.

Odorless Garlic capsules are effective against bacterial, fungal, and viral infections and provide the body ability to fight back these infections.

These keep men and women protected from infections in the respiratory system, blood, digestive system, and genital system.

Odorless Garlic capsules are heart-friendly. These improve the circulatory system and relieve pressure on the heart.

Allium Sativum supplements help treat digestive problems. These are anti-toxin and improve the release of enzymes and stimulate their functions for faster and smooth digestion.

Odorless Garlic capsules are also efficient in lowering cholesterol and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Allium Sativum supplements In India are also popular as weight loss supplements that improve fitness and energy levels.

Garlic Pills for Cardiovascular Health

Garlic pills for cardiovascular health are beneficial supplements. Garlic pills for cardiovascular health are recommended as these possess properties to lower harmful LDL and increase HDL levels.

Allium Sativum supplements help prevent heart attack and stroke. These possess properties to improve nitric oxide levels, which relax arteries and allow smooth blood flow.

The ability to provide relaxed blood vessels makes Garlic pills for cardiovascular health the most effective supplements.

Odorless Garlic pills stimulate the process of fibrinolysis, which disintegrates clots and prevents their deposition. These properties make Garlic pills for cardiovascular health helpful and protective remedies.

Garlic Pills Help to Lower High Blood Pressure

The properties of Garlic pills for cardiovascular health make them an excellent supplement for reducing high blood pressure.

Allium Sativum supplements help reduce high blood pressure and prevent the problem from occurring in prone individuals.

Odorless Garlic pills keep arteries clear, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent clot deposition in arteries to maintain blood pressure healthy.

Garlic Supplements Help to Boost Immunity

Raw Garlic has been found effective against bacterial and fungal infections. It is an efficient immunity enhancer that also prevents various types of viral infections.

Regular use of odorless Garlic capsules protects from various types of infections and commonly occurring viral infections efficiently.

Garlic Capsules Help to Reduce High Cholesterol

Allium Sativum supplements in India are popular weight loss supplements. These lower harmful LDL and also eliminate waste matter to boost up metabolic rate.

The use of odorless Garlic pills improves the body’s calorie utilization process and prevents fat deposition. Garlic pills for cardiovascular health are recommended due to their LDL-lowering properties.


1-2 pills shall be consumed with meals twice a day for better effects.

People already taking any blood-thinning medicine shall consult for dosage with their medical practitioner.

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