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Kalonji Fairness Cream
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Kalonji Fairness Cream

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Mohammedia Kalonji Fairness Cream is a remedy for removing black spots, patches, blemishes, wrinkles etc. from the face, removes excess oil from skin keeps the face glowing & beautiful. Kalonji oil and other Kalonji based products by natural method with taking help of any other chemical. Indications 1. Black Spots 2. Patches 3. Blemishes 4. Remove excess oil from skin 5. Keeps face glowing & beautiful. Packaging Size 60 Gms Usage Apply this cream on face after washing face morning and evening. Active Ingredients Black Cumin 11 gms. Congzeddary 8 gms. Papaya 7.5 gms. Cyperus 7.5 gms. Post e Santra 7.5 gms. Benzoin 7.5 gms. Olive Oil 11 gms.

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