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Kumkumadi: rejuvenating oil (30 ml), (Pack Of 2) Kumkumadi Oil, prod. Kerala Ayurveda - SK27
Kumkumadi: rejuvenating oil (30 ml), (Pack Of 2) Kumkumadi Oil, prod. Kerala Ayurveda - SK27
Kumkumadi: rejuvenating oil (30 ml), (Pack Of 2) Kumkumadi Oil, prod. Kerala Ayurveda - SK27
Kumkumadi: rejuvenating oil (30 ml), (Pack Of 2) Kumkumadi Oil, prod. Kerala Ayurveda - SK27
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Kumkumadi: rejuvenating oil (30 ml), (Pack Of 2) Kumkumadi Oil, prod. Kerala Ayurveda - SK27

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Kumkumadi Oil is an Ayurvedic oil designed for skin rejuvenation. Kumkumadi is rich in antioxidants, fights the signs of aging, gives the skin a natural glow, eliminates dark circles under the eyes and helps treat acne and acne marks. The product effectively moisturizes, cleanses, smoothes and brightens the skin and improves complexion. The oil intensively cares for dry skin and makes it soft.


  • Basic information:
    • natural product
    • certified by GMP and DST/DSIR
    • for outdoor use only
    • does not contain chemicals and parabens
    • does not contain mineral oil
    • no oil by-products
    • rejuvenates the skin
    • rich in antioxidants
    • fights signs of aging
    • gives the skin a natural glow
    • eliminates dark circles under the eyes
    • Helps treat acne and acne scars
    • moisturizes and cleanses the skin
    • smoothes and brightens
    • improves complexion
    • takes care of dry skin
    • makes the skin soft

    Indications for use:
    • signs of skin aging
    • high levels of free radicals
    • dull skin
    • dark circles under the eyes
    • pimples and marks
    • clogged pores
    • small wrinkles
    • uneven skin tone
    • dry skin

    • individual intolerance to individual components
    • It is recommended to do an allergy test first.

    Active ingredients:
    Sesame (Tila taila) - has a lifting effect, reduces pigmentation, eliminates rashes, relieves inflammation.
    Milk (Payas) - activates elastin and collagen, helps fight skin diseases, saturates cells with oxygen.
    Saffron (Kumkuma) - tones and restores the skin, stimulates cell renewal, moisturizes, and has antibacterial properties.
    White sandalwood (Sveta chandana) - has an antiseptic effect, cleanses the skin, regulates the fat balance of the skin, relieves swelling and swelling.
    Lodhra (Lodhra) - protects the skin from microbes, treats skin diseases, is effective for acne and purulent rash. gives the skin radiance.
    Patanga- has astringent and wound-healing properties, is an antiseptic, eliminates inflammation.
    Red sandalwood (Rakta chandana) - improves blood circulation, smoothes the skin, reduces wrinkles, eliminates dark circles under the eyes.
    Agar (Agaru) - rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, has a moisturizing effect, fights acne.

    Instructions for use:
    Apply 2-3 drops of oil directly on the face and gently massage the skin for 10 minutes. Leave the product for complete absorption. The procedure can be done every day.

    Each 30 ml contains:
    Sesame (Tila taila) - 30 ml, Milk (Payas) - 120 ml, Saffron (Kumkuma) - 0.23 g, White sandalwood (Sveta chandana) - 0.23 g, Lodhra (Lodhra) - 0.23 g, Patanga (Patanga) - 0.23 g, Red sandalwood (Rakta chandana) - 0.23 g, Agar (Agaru) - 0.23 g, Vetiver (Usira) - 0.23 g, Manjishta (Manjishta) - 0.23 g , Licorice (Madhuyashti) - 0.23 g, Tamala cinnamon (Patra) - 0.23 g, Himalayan cherry (Padmaka) - 0.23 g, Nut-bearing lotus (Kamala) - 0.23 g, Saussurea (Kushta) - 0 .23 g Turmeric (Nisa) - 0.23 g Laksha (Laksha) - 0.23 g Barberry (Daruharidra) - 0.23 g - 0.23 g, Krasivoplodnik (Priyangu) - 0.23 g, Bengal ficus (Nyagrodha) - 0.23 g, Jasmine (Malati) - 0.23 g, Beeswax (Madhucchista) - 0.23 g, Field cabbage (Sarsapa) - 0.23 g, Alpinia officinalis (Surabhi) - 0.23 g,Calamus marsh (Vacha) - 0.23 g.

    Storage conditions:
    Store in a dark and cool place.

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