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Tila Wajid Ali Shah (shama)
Noora Remedies

Tila Wajid Ali Shah (shama)

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TILA WAJID ALI SHAH (Massage Oil For Men Only) FROM SHAMA LABORATORIES Tila Wajid Ali Shah is a massage oil for men only. It strengthens muscles of penis and improves blood circulation. Specially prepare for person having erection. Indication Correct poor erection which annoys the partner. Imparts hardness to the penis by increasing the blood flow towards erectile muscles. If regular used both partners enjoy immense pleasure in sexual congress. Ingredients Aqarqarha, Dar Filfil, Darchini, Farfiyun, Kuchla Mudabbar, Hilteet, Jund Bedaster, Jamal Gota, Mur Makki,Qaranful,Tukhm-e-Jirjir, Beer Bahooti, Aabe Adrak, Roghan Mafi, Roghan Zard

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