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Wajid Ali Shah Granules (shama)
Noora Remedies

Wajid Ali Shah Granules (shama)

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For Men Vigour & Vitality
  • Activates The Chief Organs Of The Body. Corrects Sexual Disorders Like Premature Ejaculation, Involuntary Discharge Of Semen, Functional Impotence, Depressed Libido, Unsatisfactory Erection And Related Disorders. Replenishes The Vital Forces, Enhances Energy And Stamina And Makes The Body Organs And Muscles Strong.
  • Ingredients:-Khar-e-Khushk , Aspand Sokhtani , Jaiphal , Javitri,
  • Darchini, Asgandh , Shilajit , Magh Tukhm Konch , Qaranfal , Maghz Tukhme Tamar Hindi
  • Satawar , Pumbadana , Fulfulsiyah , Kunjad Sihay , Sugar

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