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Wajid Shahi Oil Dehlvi
Noora Remedies

Wajid Shahi Oil Dehlvi

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15 ML

Dehlvi Remedies Sana Herbals. "Buy 2 Pc for One Month" Wajid Shahi Oil is recommended for males to enhance sexual experience and help in increasing vigour and vitality by acting directly on exhausted and fatigued muscles. Wajid Shahi Oil contains the time tested herbs that are known for their excellent strength and sex enhancing values since ancient times. Besides the oil does not contain any harmful ingredient to cause side effect on human body. The oil is hygienically safe and helps in penis enhancement naturally by increasing the blood flow to penile muscles and tissues. Formula Each 5 Ml. contains: Roghan Baiza Murgh 0.214 ml Roghan Beerbahooti 0.357 ml Roghan Kharateen 0.357 ml Roghan Laung 0.178 ml Roghan Javitri 0.178 ml Roghan Darchini 0.178 ml Roghan Kabab Khandan 0.357 ml Roghan Jonk 0.357 ml Aqarqarah 0.357 ml Zafran 0.178 ml Groundnut Oil 0.357 ml Benzyl Alcohol q.s. to make 5.000 ml DIRECTION: GENTLY MASSAGE 10-15 DROPS OF OIL ON THE LEFT, RIGHT AND UPPER PART OF PENIS SHAFT (NOT ON THE SCROTUM OR GLANS) TILL THE OIL IS FULLY ABSORBED. DO NOT WASH OR WIPE THE OIL FOR ATLEAST ONE HOUR. APPLY AT BED TIME AND IN THE MORNING. FOR BEST RESULTS USE FOR 3-4 MONTHS. Caution: Wajid Shahi Oil should not be used during coitus.

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